Friday, 28 January 2011

Highland Herbs

1. Alternative accomodation
Highland Herbs is set at 800m in a secluded and spectacular environment.
A variety of herbs are grown which are made into teas, and other types of potion, such as evening primrose, camomile, spearmint and many others They are picked, dried and processes, which i found interesting.

2. View from lavender field

Tasks included picking red clover, weeding nettles, gathering rose petals, harvesting spearmint, picking elderflower.

Life was very collegiate and harmonious, with lots of debate and discussion with the group of wwoofers from around the world.

2. Surrounding woods and cliffs

3. Drying shed

4. Rose petals drying

5. Harvesting spearmint

6. My house on the hill

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cradle Mountain

I have spent many happy hours over a few days wandering the Crater Lake National Park, which is part of a World Heritage Area. Dove Lake is one of the lakes set below the mountains and has an alpine flora of moors, glacial lakes and mountains. There are walks and treks varying from twenty minutes up to many days.

Seen from the saddle

After the Xmas festivities i loaded my bicycle panniers and took the overnight ferry to Tasmania, across the Bass Straighs.

Surprised to find that Tassie has the largest crop of legal poppies in the world which is used for medical use.

The hills are so long and steep with a loaded bike, but compensated by beautiful scenery, quite different from "the Mainland!"

Staying with locals allows me to really get my feet under the table and experience the real flavour of life here.

View with foxgloves
View with poppies
Wallaby as seen in OZ
Don't pick notice, with menaces
Tasmanian poppy fields