Friday, 28 January 2011

Highland Herbs

1. Alternative accomodation
Highland Herbs is set at 800m in a secluded and spectacular environment.
A variety of herbs are grown which are made into teas, and other types of potion, such as evening primrose, camomile, spearmint and many others They are picked, dried and processes, which i found interesting.

2. View from lavender field

Tasks included picking red clover, weeding nettles, gathering rose petals, harvesting spearmint, picking elderflower.

Life was very collegiate and harmonious, with lots of debate and discussion with the group of wwoofers from around the world.

2. Surrounding woods and cliffs

3. Drying shed

4. Rose petals drying

5. Harvesting spearmint

6. My house on the hill


raphe said...

The scenery looks picturesque and rugged down there in Van Diemens Land. Any plans to transfer your newly learnt herbal skills to the back garden at home?

Diana said...

funny looking hut...

Diana said...
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