Monday, 25 October 2010

Off again: October, 2010

The first real frost of the year arrived this morning. The central heating was tested and found to be working, it was allowed to run just long enough to get the house up to 13 centigrade.
Next week the clocks will change, but by that time i will be long gone. In fact i will be sitting on the roof of Central Backpackers, Auckland (ACB), in shorts, and plotting where i will start my two months springtime tour before moving on for three months in Oz. Well, someone has to do it!


raphe said...

Off again! It's like a permanent holiday for some!
I have sent a message to Interpol who said they would forward it all antipodean taxi-drivers to be on the look out for you.
God Speed

rob2oz said...

Jeeves is getting uppity! Watch it!