Sunday, 28 November 2010

Houses and Gardens

KarunaFalls is an intentional community and is run as a co-op having been established over 30 years ago. Members built their own houses (about 30) and they live their lives seperately, but come together to discuss the business of running the community, this entails responsibilities and obligations such as grass cutting, bush clearing and bridge repairs, management issues, at regular meetings in the Community Hall. There is no mains electricity, or water. Most residents host woofers like me. Some residents have a huge solar panel array and live a normal life with all the usual household appliances. Water comes from mountain streams. Some residents are lecturers at Auckland Uni and come home for week ends and holidays. Others work locally on roads and bush regeneration, others are architects and consultants, or work at home using the internet. Some are retired and live with the other members in harmony with all around, supplying most of their food needs from their plot.

The place is set in a large, remote and forested area at the north of the Coromandel Peninsula, serviced by gravel roads. There are no buses serving the area, so I had to hitch the 60km in. Fortunately I was able to get three quick successive lifts, the last one was from an Australian cyclist who had done PBP last year, so we had lots to chat about. I was able to see a tremendous spirit of community and friendliness in all, this came as quite a shock to me in coming from England. Maybe if I had my time again this would be the life i would choose!

A house at anearby community

A house at Moehu Community

A community house

Another non-estate house!

Steph's house

Katie's House, in a clearing

Bush kitchen

View from my house to next door

My residence while at the Community

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